About this course

This training is a required part to become a certified WSF C-Level Head Judge and, with more experience in judging, progress to higher levels.

It is a prerequisite that you have at least a valid C-Level judge license to become a Head Judge.

Being a certified C-Level Head Judge does give you the permission to work as a Head Judges at regional and national events.

  • To become a C-level Head judge you will need to complete this course and the included test. 

  • After completion of the online course, you will receive a certificate. Send the certificate to judging@worldsnowboardfederation.org and include a resume of events you judged. If applicable we will then issue a license.

  • We will publish a list of all certified judges online. If you want to be on there make sure you explicitly state this (yes) in your thinkific profile. 

If you believe that based on your experience you will not need to do the full training please write us an email to judging@worldsnowboardfederation.org  including information on your experience. We will then send you a link to a test that is required to become certified.

In case you find any mistakes in the education please flag them under this link: https://forms.gle/bEprxqGXg9sEi4j49

For questions or general feedback please write to judging@worldsnowboardfederation.org

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Head Judge Training

    • Introduction and overview

    • What does a Head Judge do?

    • What does the Head Judge role require?

    • Detailed job descriptions & checklists

    • Range setting & scoring

    • Common Head Judge scenarios

    • Head Judge quiz

  • 2

    Head Judge Test

    • Test instructions

    • Head Judge Test

    • The end - you have done it!